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These rules apply to any packages bought from Tabasam Tours and Safaris General terms for package tours.

1. Area of application

The tour operator has the right to complement and specify the general terms for package tours with additional terms that must not be to the disadvantage of the passenger and contradictory to these general terms.

1.1. Special conditions

The tour operator has the right to apply special conditions that differ from these general terms if the use of special conditions is justified due to the exceptional nature of the tour, unusual regulations concerning the manner of transportation (such as booking or sales terms of regular flights), exceptional terms of accommodation due to the special nature of the tour or exceptional conditions at the tour destination. The special conditions must not be to the disadvantage of the passenger and in violation of the Act on Package Tours.

A tour operator who applies special conditions in a case of cancellation and charges the passenger for actual cancellation charges accordingly, must, if necessary, produce documents on how they correspond to the different parts of the tour.

2. Package tour contract and responsibility for fulfilling the contract

2.1. The tour operator is responsible to the passenger for the package tour complying with the contract. The responsibility also concerns the performance of enterprisers (such as carrier companies and hotels) employed by the tour operator in order to fulfill the contract.

2.2. Travel agents (intermediaries) like tour operators are responsible for the information they provide the passenger with as well as for fulfilling the contract. Such responsibility, however, does not arise if upon making a reservation the passenger is aware of who the tour operator is and of the fact that the tour operator alone is responsible for fulfilling the obligations indicated in the contract.

2.3. Before concluding the contract, the passenger must be informed of whether the tour operator or the travel agent has set a guarantee as defined in the Act on Package Tour Operators and whether the guarantee covers the tour offered.

2.4. The passenger may fill his obligation to inform as defined in these general terms by contacting either the tour operator or the travel agent.

Communicating a fault in the package tour must be carried out as instructed in clause 13.4.

2.5. Content of the contract

The tour includes all the services and arrangements that have been agreed upon between the passenger and the tour operator. Upon evaluating the contents of the contract, all contract terms.

provided in advance either in writing or electronically as well as the information given in the tour operator’s brochures and other marketing and travel documents must be considered.

2.6. Travel documents and travel insurance

Before concluding the contract, the tour operator must provide the passenger with the general information about the travel documents required as well as about the time generally required for acquiring them.

Following the instructions provided by the tour operator, the passenger must personally acquire the documents required for the travel (passport, visa, vaccination certificates) and check their and the flight ticket’s correctness and correspondence. The passenger must also check the departure times of transportation. If the tour operator has fulfilled their duty to inform, it is not liable to the passenger for the damage caused if the travel is prevented or interrupted due to insufficient or incorrect travel documents (such as a damaged passport) or due to having been denied a visa or not having acquired one.

The tour operator is not liable for any voluntary insurance the passenger may require during the tour. The passenger is personally responsible for his insurance cover and its coverage for cases such as cancellation of the tour.

2.7. Possible safety risks at the tour destination

Before the journey, the tour operator must inform the passenger about possible special risks related to the tour as well as about the health regulations concerning the travel and the stay at the destination. The passenger must also be provided with additional instructions concerning possible illnesses, accidents or like events that may occur during the tour.


In addition to the passenger himself, local authorities at the destination are mainly responsible for the passenger’s safety. The passenger must behave with consideration for the local circumstances at the destination.


2.8. Obligation to assist

Should the passenger fall ill, have an accident or become the victim of a crime or face any other similar misfortune during the tour, the tour operator must assist him with securing medical services or arranging premature return travel, and, in cases of crime or accidents, assist with the necessary procedures. The passenger is responsible for the cost of these or any other necessary special arrangements (such as new transportation, extra hotel nights or possible extra costs inflicted on the tour operator) that the tour operator has made due to the passenger’s predicament. Should a situation indicated in clause 11.1.b arise, the tour operator must, in the same manner as described above, assist the passenger and, as much as possible, aim to limit the damages and inconveniences befalling the passenger.

If the tour operator has no staff at the destination to assist the passenger, the tour operator must inform prior to the tour the passenger of where and how to locate and contact a local representative (name, contact details etc.) of the tour operator or travel agent if necessary or provide the same information about contactable local offices. If there are no such representatives or offices, the passenger must be informed about how to reach the tour operator or the travel agent if necessary.

2.9. Passenger’s obligations and responsibility

2.9.1. During the tour, the passenger must obey the instructions and regulations given by the authorities, tour operator or his representative that are related to the realization of the tour, as well as obey the regulations of the hotels and carriers.

2.9.2. The passenger must not disturb other passenger with his behavior.

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